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Once again,

WELCOME TO TorterraIsProgrammer's PAGE!

As how my username is, I am a programmer. Not a real programmer, just... uh, I don't know. If you find any of my submissions are random, or maybe badly planned, that's normal... Yes, I'm just a 13 years old making little games. AND if you hate my games, please include why. Those kind of comments might help me in the future. Also, posting some game ideas can be good, and if I like the idea, I will try to make the game into reality.

If you don't understand what I call with "please include why", these are some examples.

  • "The graphics are awful. Rated 1."
  • "I hate this because there are NO MUSICS, BAD ANIMATION, blah blah blah blah..."

Don't be just like "I HATE THIS THIS GAME SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THIS SITE WHY ISN'T THERE -1 RATE BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH". I don't appreciate that. Especially when there are some words that should NOT be said. Those kind of people do not deserve to play my games. Please comment constructively. PLEASE.

And also, correct my grammar if any of them are wrong ;)